Legacy is dedicated to caring for the families of veterans who have given their life, or health, as a result of their Defence Force service. This care extends to veterans who have served in war and on peacekeeping and humanitarian missions.

Today, Legacy's compassionate service assists over 65,000 widows and 1,800 children and dependants with a disability through innovative and practical programs aimed at:
• Protecting the basic needs of individuals and families.
• Advocating for the entitlements, rights and benefits of individuals and families.
• Assisting families to cope with bereavement.
• Helping people thrive, despite their adversity and loss.

To find out more about Legacy programs and services, please visit www.legacy.com.au

Pricing Options

* Please note, to be eligible for the Defence personnel ticket price, a PMKeys OR service number must be included against the guest’s name on your booking form. Immediate family members and ex-serving Defence personnel are also eligible for this discount - please use same PMKeys OR service number.

Frequently asked questions

How do I book a table?Nominate 1 person to be the organiser for your group and that person will make the booking online and collate all monies. Only one (1) payment is appreciated for table bookings.
What is the dress code?For Military guests;
Winter or Summer Mess Kit.
For Civilian guests;
black tie or evening wear.
Can I book accommodation?Novotel Southbank
When do I receive the tickets?Your tickets will be etickets and will be emailed to you, approximately two weeks prior to the event date. You will receive confirmation of your booking within 48hrs.


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Who Legacy Supports

caring for young families

Caring for young families

Legacy is committed to helping young families through bereavement and providing them with new opportunities in life

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Caring for Children

Legacy has a long history of nurturing the development of children of veterans, with a special priority given to education and development

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Support for ageing

Through our programs in support of the ageing, Legacy aims to provide comfort and security to those who find themselves alone and vulnerable. We are committed to helping older widow’s live full and happy lives despite their loss.

Suppor for peopl with disabilities

Support for People with Disabilities 

At Legacy, we believe that people with disabilities have an inherent right to the same opportunities as others. Legacy supports our dependants with disabilities with a program focused on enduring care

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